Election Transparency Update

Election Transparency Update:
This is huge.

In 2016, Ray Lutz and I took on the San Diego Registrar of Voters, in court, concerning ROV’s improper post election audit procedure called the 1% manual tally. We won judgment against the ROV requiring the ROV to include all the ballots in the audit.

During trial we received testimony from Professor Philip Stark from UC Berkeley who testified that we would be best served to use his risk limiting audit process (procedure that ensures a large, predetermined minimum chance of requiring a full manual tally whenever a full manual tally would show an electoral outcome that differs from the outcome reported by the voting system for an audited contest) instead of the 1% manual tally. This is a more efficient and accurate way to assure that machine counts are accurate and catch mistakes or nefarious conduct.

A bill has recently been introduced by Assembly Member Bill Quirk (AB2125) to replace the 1% manual tally with the risk limiting audit by 2024.