510 days ago, this campaign was launched to bring …

510 days ago, this campaign was launched to bring real legislative leadership in Sacramento to our District. We are now down to the final week. This is my final pitch of the final inning of a long season. ⚾️

Thanks to the amazing contributors, volunteers and activists in our communities, our message of unity has been heard. If elected, I am ready:

to fight to deliver single-payer healthcare to all Californians,

to fight for our public schools and the teachers and employees that deliver education to our kids,

to fight for our planet’s future by ending our dependence on fossil fuels and building a sustainable clean energy economy,

to fight for affordable housing that delivers smart growth solutions to traffic mitigation and homelessness, and,

to fight for campaign finance reform and election integrity, the heart of our democracy.

These are big ideas for an age of new governance. But we deserve it, and more. Let’s finish strong. Let’s end the divisions and divisive politics of our time and march forward together as one District family. Let’s all be winners on November 6th.