San Diego has the fourth largest homeless …

San Diego has the fourth largest homeless population in the nation after New York, Los Angeles and Seattle — developed over many years and will take many years to solve. San Diego County had 17,500 people cycle through local homelessness programs between October 2015 and September 2016, far more than the roughly 8,700 the region’s annual homeless count in January has found the last two years.San Diego already suffers from a relative lack of funding because of the federal government’s formula for doling out money to address homelessness, which provides San Diego the 22nd most money in the nation despite having the fourth largest homeless population. Until the federal government gets a clue, we have to continue to lead in California -- Homelessness is no exception.

According to the Regional Task Force on the Homeless Report dated April 2017, the numbers of chronically homeless persons in Inland North San Diego County (Escondido, San Marcos, Fallbrook) and South Riverside County (Temecula) are increasing. The numbers of chronically homeless persons who are unsheltered is also increasing. Veterans make up 12% of our homeless population.

I support San Diego's central intake center which is expected to open in 2019, including a hotline for available beds, adding a few hundred more temporary shelter beds, renovating a downtown facility where homeless people can shower and expanding the Downtown Partnership’s family reunification program. As your state representaive, I will work to find common ground solutions with the cities I represent, the property owners in our region and the organizations who will continue to spearhead the efforts. In California, there is no reason for any human being to be homeless.