The 75th Assembly District is composed of a mix of …

The 75th Assembly District is composed of a mix of suburban and rural residents (San Marcos, Escondido, Hidden Meadows, Valley Center, Fallbrook, Bonsall, Temecula, and eight tribal nations). Many of you know I recently ran for that office. The 75th AD total in registered voters is 259,472.

Here is the current voter registration breakdown:

San Diego County:
Democrats 55,831 or 28.8%
Republicans 70,200 or 36.2%
3rd Party 11,375 or 5.9%
NPP 56,515 or 29.1%

Riverside County (Temecula):
Democrats 16,956 or 25.9%
Republicans 26,301 or 40.1%
3rd Party 4,138 or 6.3%
NPP 18,156 or 27.7%

So, in San Diego County, the difference between Dems and Reps is 7.4%, quite an improvement registration of 2016. Ironically, the NPP plus 3rd Party registration is 35%, leaving Dem registration in 3rd place in the District. The southern suburbs of San Marcos (14,844, 14,591) and Escondido (21,670, 22,019) have near even split between Dem and Rep registration.

In Temecula, with the largest voter count in the District (65,551) the Rep/Dem difference is still a daunting 14%.

This analysis comports with my experience in the District. The key is for activists to remain determined and vigilant to keep registering new Dems and get the +7.4% Rep registration in San Diego County down to equal.

As I learned during my campaign (just check my repeated posts), the 75th Assembly District goes as Temecula goes. “All roads to Sacramento go through Temecula.” High turnout plus a super majority of NPP votes is now the only way.

Are you ready? Let’s get to work.