Donna Brazil’s statement in advance of her book …

Donna Brazil’s statement in advance of her book must be a stepping stone for reform. We need to come together and win elections in 2018 but not by business as usual. Dark money has corrupted our political infrastructure and hurts our progress. Although a reformed DNC must follow, let’s focus on our state and county party structure. The following summarizes California Democratic Party Vice Chair Daraka Larimore-Hall and Secretary Jenny Bach statement:

The California Democratic Party is embracing a reform agenda that will enable California Democrats to define the progressive agenda for the 21st century. By announcing a ‘Clean Money Campaign Finance Task Force’ we can win elections, and fund our party, with clean money. The appointed and diverse committee members have embraced a true shared-decision making model as officers, and are working to strengthen the voice of California Progressives in deciding the Democratic nominee for President in 2020. A reform agenda can and will deliver the progressive victories California desevers - getting special interest money out of politics, protecting civil rights for people of color, women, immigrants and the LGBT community, ensuring everyone has access to healthcare, combating climate change, and addressing the cataclysmic income inequality gap between the ultra-wealthy and everyone else.

I am a progressive candidate who wants to see the Democratic Party return to its progressive roots. Help me and other progressive candidates win. By donating directly to progressive candidates, we can rise up and be a better Democratic Party.